Brandi Karisch

Brandi Karisch

Assistant Extension/Research Professsor

Beef Cattle Specialist

Department:  Wise Center


Phone:   (662) 325-7465

Mailing Address:
Mailstop 9815
Mississippi State, MS 39762


    • Ph.D., Texas A&M
    • M.S., Texas A&M
    • B.S., Louisiana State University

Society Memberships

    • American Society of Animal Science
    • American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists
    • National Cattlemen's Beef Association
    • Mississippi Cattlemen's Association
    • American Simmental Association


    • Improving efficiency of beef production
    • Applied beef cattle management


    • Stocker Cattle
    • Farm to Feedlot Program
    • Feeder Calf Board Sales
    • Heifer Development Program
    • Deep South Stocker Conference

Graduate Students:

  • Elizabeth Caldwell
  • Tucker Wagner

Selected Publications
  • Parish, J.A., B.B. Karisch, R.C. Vann, D. Riley. 2014. Effects of steer breed composition on feedlot performance and carcass traits. The Professional Animal Scientist 30:43-50. Download
  • Karisch, B.B., and J.A. Parish. 2013. Assessment of beef cattle extension publications use via internet download monitoring. Journal of Extension 50:1:1TOT2. Download
  • Parish, J.A., and B.B. Karisch. 2013. Application of item analysis to assess multiple-choice examinations in the Mississippi Master Cattle Producer program. Journal of Extension, 51(5):5T0T3. Download
  • Parish, J.A., and B.B. Karisch. 2013. Determining interest in YouTube topics for extension-authored video development. Journal of Extension, 51 (6):6TOT6. Download
  • Parish, J.A., and B.B. Karisch. 2013. Estimating cattle age using dentition. Mississiippi State University Extension Publication 2779. Download
  • Parish, J.A., B.B. Karisch, and R.C. Vann. 2013. Beef cattle handling facilities. Mississippi State University Extension Publication 2787. Download
  • Parish, J.A., B.B. Karisch, and R.C. Vann. 2013. Transporting beef cattle by road. Mississippi State University Extension Service Publication 2797. Download
  • Vann, R.C., J.A. Parish, B.B. Karisch. 2013. Using live animal carcass ultrasound information in beef cattle selection. Mississippi State University Extension Service Publication # 2802. Download
  • Bourg, B.M., L.O. Tedeschi, T.A. Wickersham, J.M. Tricarico. 2012. Effects of a slow-release urea productr on performance, carcass characteristics and nitrogen balace of steers ged steam-flaked corn. Journal of Animal Science 90:3914-3923. Download
  • Parish, J.A., B.M. Bourg, M.L. Marks, N.B. Simmons and T. Smith. 2012. Evaluation of different methods of cattle hip height data collection. The Professional Animal Scientist 28: 292-299. Download
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