Trent Smith

Trent Smith

Associate Professor

Beef Cattle Breeding and Genetics

Department:  Wise Center, Rm 4015


Phone:   (662) 325-3691

Fax:   (662) 325-8873

Mailing Address:
Mailstop 9815
Mississippi State, MS 39762


    • Ph.D., Louisiana State University
    • M.S., Mississippi State University
    • B.S., Mississippi State University

Society Memberships

    • National Cattlemen's Beef Association
    • American Society of Animal Science
    • Mississippi Cattlemen's Association
    • Louisiana Cattlemen's
    • Association

Courses Taught:

    • ADS 4123 Animal Breeding
    • ADS 4321 Beef Cattle Laboratory
    • ADS 4323 Beef Cattle Science
    • 4433/6633 Advanced Beef Cattle Production


    • Estimation of genetic parameters in performance, carcass, and consumer related traits in beef cattle
    • Evaluation of beef breeds, breed types, and mating systems

Selected Publications
  • Demarais, S., B. K. Strickland, S. L. Webb, T. Smith, C. McDonald. 2016. Simulated effects of releasing pen-raised deer into the wild to alter population-level antler Size. Wildlife Society Bulletin 40:41-49. Download
  • Michel, E. S., S. Demarais, B. K. Strickland, T. Smith, C. M. Dacus. 2016. Antler characteristics are highly heritable but influenced by maternal factors. Journal of Wildlife Management 80:1420-1426. Download
  • Parish, J.A., T. Smith. 2012. Performance-based evaluation of a beef cattle retained ownership extension program. Journal of Extension 50(1):1T0T6. Download
  • Parish, J.A., B.M. Bourg, M.L. Marks, N.B. Simmons and T. Smith. 2012. Evaluation of different methods of cattle hip height data collection. The Professional Animal Scientist 28: 292-299. Download
  • Parish, J.A., T. Smith, R.C. Vann. 2012. Mississippi farm to feedlot program thirteen-year summary: Effects of steer age and morbidity on feedlot performance and carcass traits. Professional Animal Scientist 28:158-165. Download
  • Parish, J.A., T. Smith, R.C. Vann. 2011. Case Study: Influence of years of Mississippi Farm to Feedlot Program participation on feedlot performance and carcass traits. The Professional Animal Scientist 27(6):584-590. Download
  • Parish, J.A., T. Smith, J.R. Parish, T.F. Best, H.T. Boland. 2009. Evaluation of four different methods of calf birth weight data collection. Professional Animal Scientist 25(6):716-721. Download
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