John Blanton

John Blanton

Professor and Head

Department:  Wise Center


Phone:   (662) 325-2802

Mailing Address:
Mailstop 9815
Mississippi State, MS 39762


    • Ph.D., Purdue University
    • M.S., New Mexico State University
    • B.S., New Mexico State University

Society Memberships

    • American Society of Animal Sciences
    • American Society of Agronomy
    • International Society for Analytical Cytology
    • Gamma Sigma Delta, Honor Society of Agriculture
    • American Meat Science Association
    • Council for Agricultural Science and Technology


    • Forage-based beef cattle production
    • Muscle growth and development
    • Meat science

Selected Publications
  • Wang, T., J. M. Feugang, M. A. Crenshaw, N. Regmi, J. R. Blanton Jr., S. F. Liao. 2017. A systems biology approach using transcriptomic data reveals genes and pathways in porcine skeletal muscle affected by dietary lysine. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 18:885. Download
  • Wang, T., M. A. Crenshaw, N. Regmi, T. Armstrong, J. R. Blanton, S. F. Liao. 2015. Effect of dietary lysine fed to pigs at late finishing stage on market-value associated carcass characteristics. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 14(8):232-236. Download
  • Mosali, J., J.T. Biermacher, B. Cook, and J. Blanton, Jr.. 2013. Bioenergy for cattle and cars: A switchgrass production system that engages cattle producers. Agronomy Journal, 105:4:960-966. Download
  • Biermacher, J.T., R.R. Reuter, M.K. Kering, J.K. Rogers, J. Blanton, Jr., J.A. Guretzky, T.J. Butler. 2012. Economic potential of substituting legumes for nitrogen in bermudagrass pastures. Crop Science 52(2012). Download
  • DeVuyst, E.A., J.T. Biermacher, J.L. Lusk, J.R. Blanton Jr., J.S. Sweigert, B.J. Cook, R.R.Reuter. 2011. Relationship between fed cattle traits and Igenity Panel Scores. Journal of Animal Science 89:1260-1269. Download
  • Dinh, T.T.N., J.R. Blanton Jr., D.G. Riley, C.C. Chase Jr., S.W. Coleman, W.A. Phillips, J.C. Brooks, M.F. Miller, L.D. Thompson. 2010. Intramuscular fat and fatty acid composition of longissimus muscle from divergent pure breeds of cattle. Journal of Animal Science 88:756-766. Download
  • Henkelman, S., G. Rakhorst, J. Blanton, W. van Oeveren. 2009. Standardization of incubation condition for hemolysis testing of biomaterials. Materials Science and Engineering 29(5):1650-1654. Download
  • Dinh, T. T. N., J. R. Blanton Jr., J. C. Brooks, M. F. Miller, and L. D. Thompson. 2008. A simplified method for cholesterol determination in meat and meat products. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 21(4):306-314. Download
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