Kate Parsons class=

Kate Parsons

Kate Parsons is an animal and dairy sciences major with a pre-vet concentration from Columbia, Tennessee. She anticipates to graduate in May 2019. Parsons says Starkville is very similar to her home in the sense of small local vibe that it gives off. When she goes home, her favorite things to do is go to the local farmer's market, grab a cup of coffee at Buckhead Coffee, and drive the short trip to Nashville. Parson says, "I love and chose Mississippi State because of the people. The employees and faculty on campus are never shy of amazing and the locals are always eager to help new students as well." She says her favorite thing about CALS is how involved the dean and associate dean are. "They are very visible at events, which is very encouraging." In her free time, she loves to travel. You can catch her taking a last minute quick trip to T-town but for international travels, she has been to London, Paris, Rome, Mexico, and she just got back from China. After her undergraduate degree, she still hopes to attend vet school. However, as she spends more time in the ADS department and learns what other opportunities are out there, she is considering possibly a career in animal nutrition. A fun fact about Kate is that even with all the crawfish boils at MSU, this girl has never had a crawfish.

Meagan Johnson class=

Meagan Johnson

Meagan Johnson enjoys working with all types of animals, including wildlife. The animal and dairy sciences major is interning in Florida this summer. She interns with the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge. Meagan splits her time between the refuge, located in Fort Walton Beach, and the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge Zoological Park in Crestview. She says her work at MSU has helped her succeed. "I've learned a few tips about professionalism while at MSU that have helped me be successful during this internship," Meagan said. Meagan plans to pursue a career as a veterinarian and says her internship and major will definitely help her advance. She chose the internship so that she could work with a variety of animals.

Brittany Franks class=

Brittany Franks

Brittany Franks is working with tigers, lions, and cougars during the summer of 2016. The Animal and Dairy Sciences major landed a job at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. She said that classes like companion animal have helped her during her internship. Brittany has always loved animals. She chose animal and dairy sciences because she wants a career where she can take care of animals and nurse them back to health. She chose Big Cat Rescue to gain experience working with different types of animals.

Sydney Peek class=

Sydney Peek

Sydney Peek is an ambassador for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. She is an animal and dairy sciences major. "I chose this major because I have always had a passion for working with animals. I also have a lifelong interest in veterinary medicine," she said. Sydney's goal is to work with animal owners and teach them positive care habits. She is most excited about the hands-on experience the major offers. She also appreciates the faculty and staff in the department. "People are always willing to lend a helping hand and help me in my career path," she said. Her defining moment at MSU came early during Eminent Scholars Day in 2014. That's when she knew Mississippi State University would be her future home. "Mississippi State University offers extensive hands-on learning opportunities. The university engages with its students in a way that best ensures their success," she said.

Cameron Crawford class=

Cameron Crawford

Cameron Crawford is an animal and dairy sciences major from Tylertown, Mississippi. He plans to graduate in May 2018. His favorite part of home is its slow-paced, small town feel, which makes Cameron feel right at home here in Starkville. Ever since he stepped on campus as a middle schooler he fell in love with MSU due to the environment and all the people who made it truly feel like a home. Cameron's interest in cattle extends beyond the classroom. He raises and shows cattle. "It's just an amazing process to watch a calf being born and go through the stages of life with a person's help along the way. Showing cattle has also helped me better develop my skills in areas such as managing responsibilities and communication," he says. When he isn't busy with school or focused on animal sciences, he likes sports. "I have loved watching sports since I was a little kid. I am an extremely passionate fan of my teams and watch them whenever I can," he says. After graduation, he plans to go to graduate school and get a master's degree in agricultural communications and possibly get a job with a cattle breed association or agricultural publication. A fun fact about Cameron is he has an artistic side in music and drawing.

Jessica Brown class=

Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown is an animal and dairy sciences major from Houma, Louisiana. She anticipates graduating in May 2019. Her favorite thing about home is the culture that the area has. She says south Louisiana is very unique. "There's just something about it being different that I love." We asked her what her favorite part about being a Mississippi State bulldog was and she said being able to be a part of the atmosphere during sporting events. Jessica said being able to be so hands-on with her college has truly been the main reason why she loves the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences so much. In her spare time, you can find her reading, listening to music, and being outdoors. After graduation, she plans to continue her education at Mississippi State's College of Veterinary Medicine.

Mercedes Smith class=

Mercedes Smith

Mercedes Smith is an animal and dairy sciences major from Madison, Mississippi. She anticipates graduating in May 2018. Her favorite thing about home is being close to family and friends. "Coming back home relieves stress, because I live in the country. Here, I can enjoy going outside and playing with my animals, swimming, and fishing. I am also close enough to the city, where my mom and I enjoy shopping and socializing with others." Mercedes's favorite thing about MSU is how beautiful and well-groomed the campus is kept. She says her favorite aspects of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are the sense of community and how driven and determined the department is to help students become successful. After graduation, she hopes to attend the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine. Some cool facts about Mercedes: she is one of ten children and she has ten pets. She is also proud to be one quarter Japanese.

Renee Anderson class=

Renee Anderson

Renee Anderson is an animal and dairy sciences major from Hernando, Mississippi. She anticipates graduating in May 2018. Her favorite thing about home is coming home to a big pot of freshly cooked homemade spaghetti and having her dog run up to her when she walks through the door. She loves the atmosphere of Mississippi State and how there is a never ending list of clubs she can join. She loves how there's always something to do and says no one should ever be bored. In her spare time, you can find her playing with goats. She works on a farm with 30+ goats and says she could spend all day with them. After graduation, she plans to get a job in the livestock industry. "I don't know where life will take me but I am ready for the ride." An interesting fact about Renee is she enjoys traveling so much she has been to 10 countries on four different continents thus far.

Shawna Downs class=

Shawna Downs

Shawna Downs is an animal and dairy sciences major from Raleigh, North Carolina. She anticipates graduating in spring of 2020. Her favorite thing about home is that's where her best friend and parents are. Shawna's favorite things about MSU are how friendly the people are and how good everyone is at making you feel right at home. "The best thing about the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is the staff. They are always willing to go the extra mile for anyone," In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her amazing friend group. She also rides horses so she spends a lot of her time out at the barn. After graduation, she plans to attend vet school, hopefully at Mississippi State. An interesting fact about Shawna is she loves to go to the beach but is terribly afraid of the ocean.

Rachel McDaniel class=

Rachel McDaniel

Rachel McDaniel is a sophomore studying Animal and Dairy Science with a Pre-veterinary concentration. She is a member of the MSU Horse Judging Team. Once a reserved, uncertain individual, Rachel is building more confidence and organizational thought as a member of the team. This translates into academics and her job. Rachel said, "Coming together with a group of individuals who have similar passions and challenge your skills is both invigorating and encouraging. It is a true honor to play a role in such an elite group of people who hold themselves to high standards in all that they encounter."

Hannah Beemon Jolly class=

Hannah Beemon Jolly

Meet Hannah Beemon Jolly, a senior Animal & Dairy Sciences - Production Management student at Mississippi State University! Hannah will be helping with various projects this semester, one of which involves evaluating the effects of a feed additive on feed efficiency. Hannah also works as a student milker at the MAFES Bearden Dairy Research Center. Hannah would like to work in the dairy industry focusing on the reproduction side, and possibly owning her own dairy farm one day.

Allie McMahan class=

Allie McMahan

Allie is a senior Animal and Dairy Sciences major with a Production Management concentration. She is currently helping with a nutrition project at the MAFES Bearden Dairy Research Center and helping to plan and organize the Breakfast on the Farm event. She will also assist with a variety of other research projects going on throughout the semester. Allie wants to be AI technician and work with reproduction after graduation.

Mauricio Xavier class=

Mauricio Xavier

Mauricio Xavier is a first year Masters student in the Animal and Dairy Sciences department. He will be working with Dr. Amanda Stone on a commercial Mississippi dairy herd to evaluate the effects of a protein (pegbovigrastim) on the health and performance of fresh cows (cows that recently had a calf). In the future, Mauricio "wants to become a professor and a scientific contributor, providing answers for the daily questions of students and dairy farmers as well as helping them to raise cattle in a more sustainable way."

Karrigan Bowers class=

Karrigan Bowers

Karrigan Bowers is an Animal & Dairy Sciences and Biochemistry double major from Olive Branch, MS. She chose these two majors because she enjoys working closely with animals as well as doing lab work. With these two majors, she gets in depth exposure to both agriculture and biochemistry. The best thing about CALS, for her, is how well the staff help students gain experience in their chosen field! "I've personally been able to complete my own research project within the ADS department through the CALS Undergraduate Research Scholars program my sophomore year. My project entailed injecting sheep with vasoactive compounds in order to examine uterine placentome blood perfusion using Doppler ultrasonography. This program helped me to gain so much experience, from learning how to do RNA extractions to performing tissue stains! CALS has really helped to shape me into a well-rounded student ready for the career I plan to pursue upon graduation."