Molly Nicodemus

Molly Nicodemus

Associate Professor
Equine Exercise Physiology

Mailing Address:
Box 9815
Mississippi State, MS 39762


  • Ph.D., Michigan State University
  • M.S., Sam Houston State University
  • B.S., Missouri State University

Courses Taught:

  • ADS 1132 Intro to Horsemanship
  • ADS 2111 ADS Career Planning
  • ADS 2223 Companion Animal
  • ADS 2312 Advanced Horsemanship
  • ADS 3221 Practices in Horse Care and Mgmt
  • ADS 3223 Horse Management
  • ADS 3233 Equine Assisted Therapy
  • ADS 4333 Equine Exercise Physiology


  • Understanding the normal gait mechanics of the performance horse
  • Identifying gait parameters that may indicate lameness in the performance horse
  • Determining the influence of training and training devices on performance horses
  • Studying the development of equine gait mechanics through aging
  • Looking at the interaction between the rider and equine gait mechanics

Graduate Students

Sierra Ellsworth
Kayla Everett
Emma Farnlacher
Bronwyn Pepper
Camisha Robinson


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